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Working with the great team at Andrews Sports Medicine.

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

It is always a challenge to build a library of images for marketing and social media.

It is a monumental task getting the people and the teams of people within a company to schedule the time to get in front of the camera. They are busy doing their jobs!

The key seems to be making it a priority. Big Swede Media Works partnered with Ron Rickle, and Taylor Riddle at Andrews, spearheading the marketing effort. Over several months we were able to schedule most doctors and support staff to create a library of images that can be used for websites and social media posts in the months to come. This work continues as we deepen and renew the library. What once started as a massive need for images has become manageable with continued attention.

Marketing done well requires a constant stream of images that help connect services to those who need them. Making a sustained connection is vital. These are some of the images we came up with.

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